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Just a quick post on some photos I took of Richmond.  This was my first time seeing the city’s core, and I really enjoyed it.  The vibe there is laid back, with lots of breweries and young people bouncing around with their young people enthusiasm.

Richmond 2015-2-2

My favorite aspect of Richmond is that it’s still in it’s early stages of gentrification, so you have a lot of old industry peppering the city.  Lots of exploration potential!

My good friend Carter, also known as Alcrani in the Drum & Bass community, was gracious enough to host my visit.

Carter Alcrani


Carter’s kitten, Funyons, is the sweetest cat I’ve ever experienced.  Such an intuitive little girl.  Something about Drum & Bass producers and their cats.

Richmond 2015-1


Richmond 2015-2-1


Richmond 2015-2-3


Photos taken with:

Sony A7II
Sony Sonnar 55mm/1.8 FE ZA

Johns Hopkins

Recently I’ve had to visit the hospital of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for some family health issues.  I usually carry around a small digital camera with me wherever I go, on the off chance that I’ll encounter random inspiration while on the move.  So yesterday, the afternoon sun was painting some beautiful long shadows throughout the hospital space I was in.

Johns Hopkins


The Fujifilm X100s is a great little camera.

Johns Hopkins


Obviously the hospital is not this empty normally.  These were taken on a Saturday, when it was particularly sparse.

Johns Hopkins




14th Street At Twilight

Decided to do some open-shutter exposures on my friend’s rooftop in DC the other night.  The only thing stabilizing my camera on the balcony was a sack of rice that I subsequently spilled everywhere.


14th Street in DC has become quite a burgeoning place. So many restaurants, bars, and everything in between. For the technical types, I was using my Sony A7II with a 28mm 2.8 Contax G, at a steady 13 seconds